Nothing in budget tackles two-speed economy

The budget does nothing to tackle the two-speed economy that National is creating, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker.

“National’s two-speed economy is creating winners and losers. The winners are a few well, connected elites. The losers are the rest of us.

“We have two economic speeds, where exporters and manufacturers struggle, while speculators flourish.

“We have two speeds in a fairness sense, with incomes and wealth ever more concentrated in the hands of the few.
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Manufacturing and Middle NZ – Transforming NZ Job By Job. Speech to the EPMU 16/8/12

Welcome and thanks for coming out this morning, and joining with me, David Cunliffe, and your former President Andrew Little. Your local MP, Annette King, sends her apologies.
I know that all of you care about the jobs we need.
This was well emphasised by the EPMU and the CTU when you recently brought economist and manufacturing expert Gooran Roos to New Zealand.
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No one will listen to Key’s dollar diatribe

John Key’s only plan to reduce the exchange rate and help our exporters is to ask currency traders to play nicely, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker.

“John Key is firing blanks on the dollar. Our exporters need constructive plans to make the dollar more competitive and stable, not just words. John Key tried this before. The traders didn’t listen then and they won’t now.

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Government’s hands-off approach costing jobs

National’s hands-off approach to the economy isn’t working, as shown by another 2000 people losing their jobs this quarter, says Labour’s David Parker.


“Under National unemployment has grown by 57,000 people. In addition 150,000 have gone to Australia, the vast majority of which are should have been working here.

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