Labour won’t abandon regional New Zealand

Labour will ensure no regions in New Zealand are ‘red-zoned’ by tailoring Regional Growth Plans for each province as part of our Economic Upgrade, Labour’s Finance spokesperson and Deputy Leader David Parker says.
“The Royal Society of New Zealand’s Our Future report highlights the hollowing out of our regions under National, a trend that Labour has long warned of.
“That trend has become reality. A number of experts such as the NZIER, the Royal Society and Infometrics have warned that things have become so bad some communities may be abandoned.
New Zealanders have tremendous pride in their towns and regions. It is insulting to them and their forbears that they have been abandoned over the past 6 years by National’s management of the economy.
“Labour won’t abandon the regions – we will help them to succeed. Labour’s policies will support industry and boost growth to create jobs and opportunities in the provinces.
“We will work alongside businesses, communities and local government to tailor Regional Growth Plans to each province, as called for by experts such as Shamubeel Eaqub. Labour will announce further regional development plans next week.
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Joyce calls for foreign investment but overseas companies pulling out

Steven Joyce says more foreign direct investment will cure unemployment but foreign companies such as the Summit owners and Norse Skog are pulling out because they can’t make a buck, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker.

“Steven Joyce says foreign direct investment will create jobs but he’s ignoring the facts. Foreign companies aren’t investing; they’re pulling out. National’s economic settings and the high exchange rate mean they can’t make a dollar. That’s the facts.

“The list is long and increasing. Norske Skog. Petrobras. Mainzeal. Rio Tinto, threatening to pull out. Summit’s owners Sumitomo.
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Revenue projections drop by almost $1b a month

The Government’s tax forecasts for 2012 – 2016 have dropped by almost $1 billion a month since the election, highlighting its failure to boost growth and create jobs, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker.

“Since the election the Government’s tax forecasts have dropped by $1 billion a month. That’s no surprise when you’ve got 7.3 per cent unemployment. There are 175,000 people who can’t pay taxes because they’re looking for jobs, in addition to the 180,000 who have left for Australia under National’s watch.

“The worst growth rate for any Government in 50 years means businesses aren’t making enough profits to pay much tax.
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As Manufacturing Declines Labour Speaks Out

The news today that manufacturing is down, having “slipped into contraction in July” is further proof that substantial changes are needed to create opportunities for better jobs and higher wages in manufacturing, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker.

“The contrast between Labour’s substantial proposals outlined in my export manufacturing speech today and National’s tepid plan released yesterday is readily apparent.”

16 August 2012                                                              MEDIA STATEMENT

Manufacturing and Middle NZ – Transforming NZ Job By Job. Speech to the EPMU 16/8/12

Welcome and thanks for coming out this morning, and joining with me, David Cunliffe, and your former President Andrew Little. Your local MP, Annette King, sends her apologies.
I know that all of you care about the jobs we need.
This was well emphasised by the EPMU and the CTU when you recently brought economist and manufacturing expert Gooran Roos to New Zealand.
Today I want to continue that discussion about how we can create a high wage economy that we will all benefit from. Continue reading