Groser’s gross diplomacy creates ‘Grossing’ verb

New Zealand is a laughing stock on the international stage yet again with revelations Tim Groser’s unbecoming and undiplomatic language has led to a new term, ‘Grossing’ in Washington DC circles, says David Parker, Labour’s Export Growth and Trade spokesperson.
“According to Delaware policy analyst Mary Bates, Trade Minister and WTO aspirant Tim Groser has left Canadian diplomats furious after he insulted their approach to the TPPA negotiations and said their dairy industry, ‘looks like it belongs in the former Soviet Union’. Reuters also reported the insult.
“Mr Groser is now the ridiculed owner of a verb in his dubious honour. ‘Grossing’ now means ‘counterproductive undiplomatic sledging’ in the DC diplomatic community.
“It is an apt term for someone whose arrogant style offends many.
“We all know how much of a joke our Prime Minister has been in recent international news, but it’s grossly disturbing that our Trade Minister is joining him.
“This latest serious misjudgement comes weeks after it was revealed that the GCSB spied on Mr Groser’s rivals in his failed bid for the top job at the WTO.
“His approach is having serious repercussions. The reports show he has undermined New Zealand’s negotiations with Canada on reductions to dairy product tariffs, making it likely tariff reductions similar to those achieved in the China FTA will not be achieved.  This will hurt New Zealand’s economy for many years to come,” says David Parker.
20 May 2015                                                           MEDIA STATEMENT



Author: David Parker MP

I am a List MP for the New Zealand Labour Party, and Spokesperson for Trade & Export Growth and Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations and the Shadow Attorney General

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