Government’s hands-off approach costing jobs

National’s hands-off approach to the economy isn’t working, as shown by another 2000 people losing their jobs this quarter, says Labour’s David Parker.


“Under National unemployment has grown by 57,000 people. In addition 150,000 have gone to Australia, the vast majority of which are should have been working here.

“National’s management of the economy isn’t working. Our regional heartland is being hollowed out, exporters are cutting jobs, businesses are closing and our young people are leaving in droves.


“National thinks that the economy will look after itself. The jobs are not being created and incomes are not rising at anything like the rate we need because the fundamental problems in our economy are not being fixed. Labour will address the key issues.


“The current high New Zealand dollar is damaging exporters even more, and costing jobs every week, especially in high value sectors like manufacturing, as well as in the heartland.


“Our pro-growth tax reform, of capital gains tax and research and development support, and universal KiwiSaver will ensure we create a bigger savings pool that can be invested in better business that export and create higher-wage jobs. We will foster an active partnership with the regions to create jobs and growth.


“Labour’s modern economy will create high-wage jobs for New Zealanders by exporting more high-value products to the world.”

9th August 2012


Author: David Parker MP

I am a List MP for the New Zealand Labour Party, and Spokesperson for Trade & Export Growth and Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations and the Shadow Attorney General

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